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Ask the Experts

Dr. Fennimore: Should I get the HPV vaccine?

Dr. Johnson: I am considering getting pregnant within the next few months. Is the anything I should be doing now?

Dr. Lee: I have been told that my uterus is enlarged and that I have fibroids. What is this?

Dr. Narendran: Can a permanent birth control procedure be done in the office?

Dr. Packard: My first baby was born by cesarean. Will my next baby have to be, too?

Dr. Swayze: I’m 46 years old. My periods used to be every 28 days. Now they come every two to six weeks. What is wrong?

Dr. Foley: I have a lot of pain with my periods and have been told I have endometriosis. What is this?

Dr. Bonar: I am 35 and hoping to become pregnant soon. What are my risks at my age?

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